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About us

Finest jewelry since 1882

Since 1882 every single piece is carefully handmade with pride at the A. ODENWALD premises in Pforzheim / Germany. Excellent craftsmanship, supreme quality, highest creativity and individuality are some of our treasures which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Today versatile selections of individual product ranges are the ingredients for our success. With our passion for creating extraordinary jewelry we consequently follow our corporate philosophy. As times are rapidly changing A. ODENWALD is proud to focus itself on the real values in a stylish life.







  • Eugen Dettinger established the business
  • Introduction of state-of-the-art technology resulting in unrivalled production efficiency
  • Expansion and development of European markets
  • Fritz Dettinger takes over the lead of the company
  • Administration and factory have undergone a major restructuring
  • Focus on sales activities on other export markets
  • Frank Dettinger takes over the management of the enterprise
  • Exports had been further expanded including America and Asia while parallel taking care of the domestic and other European markets
  • The decision to produce ED collections in premium segments only was made
  • Further streamlining of all operational processes to maintain the excellent market position .
  • Falk Dettinger joins the business
  • Consequent development of the collections with a focus on design
  • Further expansion of all domestic and international sales activities