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About us

Finest jewelry since 1883

Founded in 1983 as a company opti-bijou GmbH Goldwaren- and Kleinjuwelen sales, followed in October 1989, the renaming of opti GmbH, which subsequently put the main focus on the own production of brilliant jewelry in designer quality. From 01.01.1998 the company Dettinger Schmuck GmbH took over the management. As a result, collection and distribution were reorganized.

Today, the offer for men's jewelery in stainless steel on pendants, rings and earrings, as well as medallions, crosses and children's jewelry in 925 / - silver begins in the gold range, which is also in the low-cost segment with 333 / - alloy started and up to solitaire ring 585 / - with a carat that is still produced in-house from the ground up "Made in Germany".